5 Tips For A Fabulous Solo Cross-Country Road Trip

1 – To save on money, take your foot off the gas pedal when you are going downhill. Once you’ve saved enough on gas, you can spend it all on a four dollar coffee from Starbucks! You’re welcome.

2- -When you get out to pump gas, continue talking to yourself as you have been for the last five miles. Bonus points for saying “Yass Queen!” really loudly when the machine asks if you would like a receipt.

3- Constantly wear over-sized sunglasses because you are an international woman of mystery and nobody knows where you are coming from or where you are going.

4- Listen to the same CD over and over again for hours and practice singing karaoke to. Because one day you are going to get up on stage and everyone is going to love you. EVERYONE IS GOING TO LOVE YOU! Finally.

5- If you start getting bored on those long, interstate highways, just let your gas tank run low. Fear of running out of gas in the middle of nowhere will perk you up with the adrenaline high you get from living dangerously.

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