You Should Travel So You’re Not Such A Control Freak

In life nothing is permanent, nothing can be permanent. It is not within your hands to make anything permanent. Only dead things can be permanent. The more living a thing is, the more fleeting.” -Osho

In the last year, I have traveled the United States and lived in California, Arizona, Utah, Illinois and New Hampshire. Which is a lot of change. Beautiful, glorious change. Traversing across the United States, from the hot, palm trees and blue skies beach towns of Southern California, the windy bluffs beach towns of Northern California, the deserts and red rocks of Arizona, the mountains of Utah, the cornfields of rural Illinois, the wild woods of New Hampshire. Beautiful. Glorious. Change.

We humans are adverse to change. Maybe you have noticed that feeling. Maybe you’ve also noticed that shit is always changing. Change is the nature of existence. There is no changing change.

Yet, we still try to stay safe and comfortable. Still try to avoid change. We will even cling to negative thought patterns, negative situations and toxic people, rather than let go of them and leap into the unknown. Forget leaping; sometimes we don’t even want to crawl, creep, or timidly poke a toe into the unknown.

When we are not traveling, but living in routine, living our day-to-day lives, the 9-to-5,  sometimes we think we have it all under control. We have an illusion of control, because a lot of stuff looks the same, and it can look the same for a long while. On occasion, some little thing would happen in my life, and I would immediately go into a state of panic and think ohmygod, what am I going to do?!

When traveling, instead of one ohmygod what am I going to do moment, there are two, three, four. And then another. You don’t have a place to sleep one night, you don’t know where you are going to go next, you don’t know what the place is going to look like. You can’t control your environment, the temperature, the aesthetics, or the people around you. You lose luggage, miss a flight. So. What am I going to do now? After awhile, you realize that kind of turns into, something will work out. 

Let us vow to grow softer, instead of hardened. Let us develop empathy, instead of wounds. It will work out. Trust in that. And that’s really hard to remember, unless you are forced to confront it over and over again. Yes, after a year of travel, I still get anxious and think what am I going to do now? But, I freak out just a little bit less than I did before, because I trust in the nature of life a tiny bit more. I trust that something will work out, because I have seen it happen again and again. But, maybe we’re all kinda control freaks, and that’s okay. It just feels a bit better to relax a little about it all.





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