Postcards From Roadside America

Driving across the country and back is the ultimate road trip. Or, at the very least, the longest. You better have some good music with you, and a couple gallons of water. After 6,000 miles of mostly interstate highways, you will soon know every rest stop and gas station in America. You might have a... Continue Reading →

How Do You Define Success?

How can anything be just what you're supposed to do? My friend texted me recently to inquire when I was going to get with it and start a family.  Why? I asked, and she texted that people think getting a partner and creating a family is just what you do in life. There is nothing... Continue Reading →

Stay Curious

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” -Einstein In July, I stood on the shore of Portland, Maine, looking out at the Atlantic ocean and feeling pleased with myself. I had made it! Over the last few months, I had driven all the way from California to Maine. Partly, my journey had... Continue Reading →

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